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persephone everyday bag

$ 120.00

You look your best when you feel your best, don't you? And don't you feel great when you wear your favorite things? The ones that make you smile, that make you feel bold and bright.

That's the idea behind the Holland Cox everyday bag - a handbag that's easy to wear, and practical for every day, but with enough artistry and style to make it worthy of your daily attention.


The persephone bag evokes classic American sportswear by embodying the idea of high style denim. The dark indigo wash, bright red, and bold purple will elevate any outfit, making it more practical than a plain bag any day!


where it's made
Like all Holland Cox products, the handbags are handmade in Alexandria, Virginia, just a few miles outside of Washington DC.

how it's made
An abstract petal motif is stitched in deep relief on dark blue indigo denim, using bright red and purple heavy duty thread. The bag is fully lined in red twill, with three interior pockets. The brass zipper is finished with a black ultrasuede zip pull and hand painted wooden bead.

Layers of interlining and double stitching throughout make the everyday bag sturdy enough for daily use, but not heavy or cumbersome to carry.

What makes this bag perfect for everyday is its generous size that's still easy to carry. The single strap is just long enough for it to sit comfortably on your hip, and the deep gussets mean it can easily accommodate your everyday essentials.

  • 7" tall and 11" wide
  • 3.5" deep gussets at the bottom
  • 12" gently curving zipper
  • 32" long single strap with 16" drop
For best results, spot clean with mild detergent and cold water.

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