practical does not mean plain
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Valerie Williams, designer and owner at Holland Cox

About Valerie

I'm Valerie Williams and I am a designer, maker, fiber artist, and sewing instructor. I have been designing and handcrafting handbags and accessories under the label Holland Cox since 2004. My goal has always been to make beautiful, interesting accessories that elevate the everyday. I love bright colors, bold patterns, and interesting textures. I also love sewing, and sharing that love with others through teaching. 


About Holland Cox 

The Holland Cox philosophy is practical does not mean plain. Practical really means something you can depend on to make you feel good and look good every time...and how can something plain do that? Therefore Holland Cox style is about bold and bright accessories that make you feel happy and confident every time you wear them

Everything from Holland Cox is handcrafted in my Washington DC area studio. I use new and upcycled materials to create limited edition handbags and fashion accessories.

The Holland Cox collection is about things to wear, but also includes useful, everyday-carry items that are just as artistic as they are pragmatic. 


About the Syndicate

The Syndicate is the sewing division of Holland Cox, and an outlet for sewing evangelism for Valerie. The Syndicate includes a small collection of accessories sewing patterns for sale, and free sewing tutorials on the blog. If you're in the Washington, DC area, you can also get personalized, private sewing lessons from Valerie, and learn to make your own accessories!