practical does not mean plain
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I know how you feel...

Does looking at your closet make you feel frustrated? Are you uninspired when you go shopping? Do the handbags and accessories you wear regularly make you happy and excited, or are they just boring you?

I know how shopping used to be fun, but lately everything is the same plain designs and the same boring colors. I know you'd rather smile every time you pull out your favorite bag, and you'd rather feel confident every time you see yourself in a mirror, excited to jump into the day! I also know it's pretty difficult to get excited and smile about plain and boring!


how I can help

I'm Valerie Williams and I am a designer and a maker. I have been designing and handcrafting handbags and accessories since 2004. My goal has always been to make beautiful, interesting accessories that elevate the everyday. I believe the things you use every day should make you happy and excited! Surrounding yourself with beauty and joy makes every day a special occasion.

the Holland Cox story

Everything from Holland Cox is handcrafted in my Washington DC area studio. I use new and upcycled materials to create limited edition handbags and fashion accessories designed to make your life bolder and brighter.


Thanks for visiting my online home! Check out the latest collection and then drop me a line to let me know what you think!