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marvin watch roll

$ 55.00

You want your watch roll to be a practical travel accessory, of course, but shouldn't it also reflect your style, just like all your other gear? The Holland Cox watch roll is designed to be as interesting and bold as you else could it be worthy of your fancy watches?


The marvin watch roll features a classic plaid design stitched into vintage denim in red and gold heavy duty thread, with bright red lining.


where it's made
Like all Holland Cox products, the watch rolls are handmade in Alexandria, Virginia, just a few miles from Washington, DC.

how it's made
Vintage denim, cotton twill, and a layer of soft padding are double stitched by machine with polyester thread for strength. Each watch roll is finished with a hand stitch for a seamless, invisible closure.

The Holland Cox watch roll has pockets for 3 watches that are generously sized and covered with a protective flap. The 13" long strap makes for a flexible but secure closure for your watch roll.

  • 8.75” wide and 7” tall laying flat, with 7" wide flap
  • approximately 3.5” tall when rolled
  • each pocket is 3" wide and 5.75" deep

For best results, spot clean with mild detergent and cold water. If you absolutely must machine wash, do so in cold water and lay flat to dry.



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