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katherine infinity scarf

$ 45.00

Is there any better feeling than finding the perfect outfit? When every piece just falls into place? An awesome accessory can make that magic happen every time.

The Holland Cox infinity scarf is that type of magic: color, texture, pattern, and just-right sizing combine to create an awesome accessory that's easy to wear, and effortlessly elevates any outfit.


The katherine infinity scarf features a refined black and gold scallop print with black metallic essex linen - a combination destined to add drama and style to all your favorite looks.


how to wear it
Diagonal seams and contrasting fabrics make the Holland Cox infinity scarf more interesting and more versatile than the usual fare. Try twisting your scarf in different ways to highlight each different texture, and you'll really have 2 or 3 scarves in one!

where it's made
Like all Holland Cox products, the infinity scarves are handmade in Alexandria, Virginia, just a few miles from Washington DC.

how it's made
The katherine scarf combines a 100% cotton print with a metallic linen/cotton blend. Lined with warm and soft 100% cotton flannel, this infinity scarf is cozy enough for cold winter months, but lightweight enough to comfortably wear inside.

The infinity scarf is 56" long and 9" wide.

Hand washing in cold water is always best, but if you machine wash, do so in a delicate cycle with cold water and dry flat. If necessary, you can iron your scarf on the flannel side only with a hot, dry iron.



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