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felicity 517 tote

$ 120.00

The bag you use everyday should be worthy of being your favorite - how can you love something plain and boring, when you're not plain or boring?

The 517 tote from Holland Cox is designed to be practical for every day, but with enough artistry and style to make it easy to fall in love with! 


The felicity 517 tote is easily the happiest tote bag you'll ever have! Bold and shiny polka dots guarantee every day carrying felicity will be a great day!  


how to wear it
The 517 tote is a statement bag that will effortlessly upgrade so many outfits you already have! Check out my blog for some ideas on how to wear the 517 tote.  

where it's made
Like all Holland Cox products, the handbags are handmade in Alexandria, Virginia, just a few miles outside of Washington DC.

how it's made
Natural canvas is hand painted with over-sized polka dots in gold, blue, and purple, and then accented with heavy duty stitching, for a textured, high-relief effect. The back of the bag and the double straps are made of dark blue denim flecked with metallic gold thread. The bag is fully lined in diamond-quilted navy blue cotton. Felicity has two deep pockets, one on the back, plus a zippered welt pocket inside. 

Layers of interlining and double stitching throughout make the 517 tote sturdy enough for daily use, but not heavy or cumbersome to carry.

The 517 tote is designed to be big enough for your daily essentials, while still being easy to carry. Gentle curves set the 517 tote apart from ordinary bags, and make it stylish enough for every occasion. 

  • 15" tall and 16" wide
  • 4" deep gussets at the bottom
  • 26" double straps with a 12" drop
  • 8" deep back pocket, 6" deep interior zipper pocket
For best results, spot clean with mild detergent and cold water.




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