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veronica button scarf

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If red makes you feel good, then red is your new black, and you should be wearing it everyday.


Whatever makes you feel happy and confident (and what's better than your favorite color?) is the secret to your perfect wardrobe. If red is your color, then the veronica scarf is your perfect accessory!


The veronica button scarf is made from an abstract, swirling print in red and golds, and is the perfect boost for nearly any outfit in your closet! 


how to wear it
The button scarf can be worn any way you like! There are lots of ways to wrap and button it, don't be afraid to experiment! Check out the blog for some ideas on how to wear your new button scarf.

where it's made
Like all Holland Cox products, the button scarves are handmade in Alexandria, Virginia, just a few miles from Washington DC.

how it's made
The veronica scarf is made of an abstract cotton print featuring swirls of reds and golds. The scarf is lined in a cotton/linen blend in an off-white flaxen color, and is finished with two hand-painted wooden buttons in gold.   

The fabric is reinforced at the corners, buttons, and buttonholes to make sure your scarf can handle heavy wear (you're going to wear it all the time). The scarves are stitched by machine, but finished with a hand stitch for a seamless, invisible finish.

The button scarf is 30" long and 12" wide at its widest points.

Hand washing in cold water is always best, but if you machine wash, do so in a delicate cycle with cold water and dry flat. If necessary, you can iron your scarf on the lining side only with a hot, dry iron.



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