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persephone button scarf

$ 120.00

Sometimes you need every eye in the room on you. Sometimes you just need to feel like a superstar. Either way, high-impact accessories can boost your confidence and showcase your artistic style. That's the secret to being effortlessly best dressed!


The Holland Cox button scarf is designed to be your secret: you can wear it so many different ways, that it will stretch your wardrobe and elevate any outfit into something extraordinary.


The persephone button scarf features an oversized, abstract petal motif hand painted in gold, and accented with black thread. It's a truly extraordinary item, and guaranteed to turn heads!


how to wear it
The button scarf can be worn any way you like! There are lots of ways to wrap and button it, don't be afraid to experiment! Check out the blog for some ideas on how to wear your new button scarf.

where it's made
Like all Holland Cox products, the button scarves are handmade in Alexandria, Virginia, just a few miles from Washington DC.

how it's made
The persephone scarf started with a sketched petal design that was then hand painted on black essex linen in gold paint, then stitched with heavy duty black thread. It is lined with natural essex linen, a soft and flexible blend of cotton and linen fibers, making it the perfect weight for autumn days and nights that quickly shift between hot and cold.

The two buttons are natural akoya shell, neutral and beautiful enough to compliment any outfit. The fabric is reinforced at the corners, buttons, and buttonholes to make sure your scarf can handle heavy wear (you're going to wear it all the time). The scarves are stitched by machine, but finished with a hand stitch for a seamless, invisible finish.

The button scarf is 30" long and 12" wide at its widest points.

Hand wash in cold water and mild detergent, and lay flat to dry. If necessary, you can iron your scarf on the wrong side only with a hot, dry iron.



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