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stash busting sewing patterns for painless and drama free gifting
Handmade gifts are always the best kind of gift. No need to brave the mall parking lot, nor fear wasting money on a replica of something they already have...your handcrafted gifts are not only unique, but a lot more meaningful than some mass-produced doohickey: they came from your own hands, your own heart. They are the fruits of your labor, not a swipe of a credit card.

the mini jewelry roll

Click here to get the sewing pattern for this jewelry roll and 9 other awesome handmade gifts.

Still, if you've been sewing for even just a little while, you know it's a hobby that can get expensive. We all know what it's like to fall in love with fabric you don't strictly need, and then suddenly find yourself with four yards of it and a much lighter wallet. Oops!

So even if you decide to make everyone's gifts this year, buying new patterns, fabrics, and notions can still strain the budget. Not to mention...where are you going to get the time to make all these awesome things?

the tablet sleeve in two styles

Use canvas scraps to sew up this tablet sleeve in a couple hours. Click here to download the pattern!

The DIY spirit is alive and healthy these days, and that means there are tons of tutorials and projects and sewing patterns out there, which is fantastic...except for when you can't find what you're looking for in the crowd.

Something easy enough for beginners to make, but that doesn't look like a beginner project.

Something attractive and wearable, that not everyone in the world will also have.

obi belt with flowers

Click here to get the sewing pattern for this reversible obi belt, plus 9 other cool things to give.

Something that doesn't require you buy exotic materials or special tools.

Something that's stylish and cool...not woefully outdated, or aggressively trendy, or just plain ugly.

Something for the guys on your list, so you don't have to get your brother something from a big box store when everyone else gets awesome handmade goodies.

Click here to get this bow tie pattern in two styles, along with 9 other great gifts.

It would be pretty awesome if you could find some easy instructions for projects that weren't a huge time commitment, and that were also fun to sew.

Having a sewing pattern for something you could make over and over again for everyone on your list would be so convenient...and maybe you could make one for yourself, too!

a pair of bedroom slippers

Click here to get the sewing pattern for these adorable bedroom slippers! One for you, one for them!

Life would be simpler if you didn't have to make a special trip to the fabric store for that thing you want to make...

...and even better if you could find a way to use up some of that pretty fabric you already have, so you can stop feeling guilty about it taking up space.

2 Yards 10 Gifts was designed with these exact problems in mind!

the sleeping eyemask

You won't believe how fast this eyemask comes together. Click here to get the sewing pattern!

I've been sewing for ten years and teaching for the last three, so I know the thrill that comes with making things. That satisfaction you get from turning gorgeous fabric into a real thing you can actually use? It's pretty addictive. I've seen it in my students, and I feel it myself, almost every day. Wouldn't it be cool to share that with others?

That's what inspired me to put together this book of patterns. I wanted to make it easy to give handmade. Giving something you've made with your own hands is like giving a little bit of yourself.

But I also wanted to find a way to ease a little fabric hoarding-induced guilt!

That's why I designed all ten patterns to be fun to make, quick to sew up, and only use up two yards of fabric, total.

an envelope clutch in two styles

Mix & match fabrics to make this cute clutch. Click here and you could have one tonight.

When you download 2 Yards 10 Gifts, you can start sewing right away. Use the small bits of fabric left over from some other project, whatever you have laying around. You'll be able finish up at least one of these projects tonight.

(In a recent workshop held at the studio where I teach, nearly everyone finished their 2 Yards 10 Gifts project in three hours or less.)

Maybe you'll decide you like it so much you want to keep it. No problem, you can make another one tomorrow to give away!

Nine of the patterns use less than 1/3 yard of fabric (the obi belt needs a half yard), and all of them require just a few notions you probably already have.

a quilted baby bib

The baby bib uses a bit of felt and a bit of bias tape. Download the pattern by clicking here.

All ten are designed to look great with multiple fabrics, so each project is an opportunity to mix and match leftovers from your stash.

The best part? All ten patterns are easily adjustable to add your own unique touches. You could make the same gift for everyone on your list, and every single one could be different.

The possibilities are endless!

a wallet in two styles

Everyone on your list can get a new wallet, and everyone wins! Click here to get the sewing pattern.

Take the stress and anxiety out of gift giving, and make it the experience was meant to be. You already know how much fun sewing is...well, gift giving is supposed to be fun, too.

Give yourself the time to enjoy both the making and the giving!

When you download 2 Yards 10 Gifts, you'll get a 64 page PDF containing:

  • full size sewing patterns for 10 projects
  • step-by-step instructions for each project with full color photos
  • a list of materials needed for each project, including suggested fabrics, and
  • preparation and construction tips to help you successfully complete each project

the watch roll

You only need 1 fat quarter to make this watch roll. Click here for all 10 stash-busting patterns.

You'll also be well on your way to sewing up fantastic gifts that are easy and fun to make, while making a dent in your fabric stash and eliminating guilt from your hoarding habit! All at a fantastic price!

$27.00 download now

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My guarantee: I had a lot of fun designing and drafting and perfecting these patterns, and I know you're going to love making them just as much. But if you are unhappy with 2 Yards 10 Gifts in any way, I am happy refund your purchase price 100%, no questions asked. Just contact me within two weeks of your purchase!